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I hope you are well and having a wonderful day.
Firstly thank you so much for all the love on my last post.

In five to six months I will be turning 25! I remember being a kid and thinking 25 was something like 98! Although it is not quite that old, it is still a quarter of a century. How crazy is that? I can’t help but evaluate my life so far. I find it so interesting to see how different yet similar my life is to what I imagined as a child.

As I child I had such a creative imagination. This is something my parents encouraged. I remember having the coolest room due to having loads of Art & Crafts products (paint, glitter, coloured papers etc.). I used to love collecting things in the woods and bringing them home to make them into whatever I wanted it to be. I knew back then that I wanted to become some form of an artist. Preferably a children’s book illustrator. My favourite illustrators as a child were Ilon Wikland and Rune Andreasson. I would often spend my time attempting to draw their work. Thought truth be told, it often looked far too abstract to be anywhere near. By the time I learned to read and write I would often write my own stories and make little doodles (or what I would call attempted illustrations).

Jacket & Trousers H&M, Top Zara, Earrings Accessorize

By the time I moved to the UK I was around ten years old. I didn’t speak any English (and naturally couldn’t read or write it either). Furthermore I found the schools here were not as encouraging of non-academic subjects. It was almost like the Art and D&T lessons were more like a ‘formal’ break from the usual mathematics and science subjects. This was something I kind of struggled with. I also felt slightly pressurised to give up the ideas I had of my career. By the time I was taking my GCSE’s I knew I wanted to keep a creative subject as my outlet. I decided to take up Art, Business Studies and History (along with Triple Science, Maths, English Lit, English Language and ICT).
When I began Business Studies, I absolutely fell in love with Marketing. It was (for me), the perfect balance of creative and academic. From that moment on I knew I wanted my career to be based within the Marketing Industry. During my A-Levels I studied Finance, Psychology and Sociology. As I wanted to go into Marketing I thought Psychology and Sociology would help in further understanding the human mind and interaction. As I was no longer studying (what I would call), a creative subject I decided to start my first blog. I began writing about Fashion and also started experimenting with my clothing. God knows some seriously interesting styling choices were made. But again that’s is all just part of the journey. It is also where Fashion began to become more than just a piece of clothing and a form of self-expression.

Jacket & Trousers H&M, Top Zara, Earrings Accessorize

So when I came across Fashion Management and Marketing at UCA I instantly knew it was meant to be. Not going to lie, it was a bit controversial as an Asian to be studying a creative subject but I knew I wanted to do something I felt I was connected to. I also began interning as a PR Showroom Manager and began to develop a strong interest in Social Media. By the time I left UCA I had started this blog and had created a small community on Instagram that’s now grown to 14K people (thank you everyone!).

I left knowing what I wanted to do but that’s when adulthood hit real hard.
One thing no one tells you about is literally how hard it is to get a graduate job. From my experience 99% of the applications lead to interviews. However once the interview is over, it seems the employer wants someone with more experience than the manager (at an entry-level role!). And what’s worse is that the only way to get that ‘experience’ is through interning. Now interning itself isn’t a bad thing. It just seems 100% of the internships I’ve personally come across expect me to work full time and be perfectly happy with it being unpaid and not even covering travelling costs. That is just so wrong and incredibly ridiculous. I don’t understand how they get away with it and how anyone can expect a graduate to be able to live within such a situation.


So I instead opted to go into retail and work as a sales assistant whilst also working as a freelance social media specialist and content creator. Since choosing to go down this path I’ve had the chance to work with many brands such as So? Fragrances, EAST Lifestyle Ltd and Essence Cosmetics. Besides that, through my blog I have had the chance to attend London Fashion Week for five years in a row. And although that isn’t exactly where I saw myself (in terms of my career), I am so grateful for the opportunities I have had come my way. It’s also interesting to see how although it’s not exactly where I saw myself as a 4 year old, it’s pretty close. I mean I don’t illustrate books but I do illustrate and create content. I am not an author but I do have this blog (that you wonderful people have taken a like to and subscribed for so thank you!). I am not in marketing but I do get to work within visual merchandising and sales through my retail role. If anything being a sales assistant is literally being at the front line. You get first hand interaction with the consumer and get to further understand their behaviour.

Of course I am still working towards getting my dream role in marketing, It’s something I won’t be giving up on. And yes I might be 24 and nearing a quarter of a century but I still have my whole life ahead of me. Who knows where my personal journey will take me. I guess this post is dedicated to all of you out there who feel kind stuck. No one said it was going to be easy. If anything, the hard work and constant struggle will make the moment so much sweeter. You just have to keep trying and never give up on your dream.

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