Instagram Hacks (via Capture Your Style)

Rohma Malik

Hello Guys,

I hope you’re well.

A few months ago I remember scrolling on Instagrammer Laurens feed. For those of you who don’t know, Lauren is a Fashion Blogger who began blogging just over a year ago. Within that first year both her content and engagement has gone from strength to strength. And as someone who followed her whilst she was on 2000 followers, it’s been amazing to see her journey so far.

Anyway, whilst scrolling I remember coming across a caption that mentioned a book by a Fashion Influencer called Aimee Song. Now I don’t quite know what rock I’ve been living under but according to the book and her feed this woman truly lives and breathes fashion. Her profile covers everything from cute outfit details to sitting on the FROW of some seriously high profile designer shows. With having 4.7 million (MILLION!!), followers, it’s fair to say Aimee has got the Instagram game right.
Image from @bluerdesign on IG

So as a social media addict and with Instagram being my absolute favourite platform, I knew I had to get the book to read it. I went onto Amazon (because Amazon Prime Duh!) and placed the order of ‘Capture Your Style’. The delivery box arrived and I just ripped it open (because it’s going in the recycling box so why waste time being delicate?).

The book is a beautiful soft pink and it’s in a square shape. To be very honest, I love that it’s a square shape as it reminds me of the square pictures on Instagram (and it’s a book about Instagram). It’s got some beautiful pages filled with inspiring pictures. But don’t take this book lightly as it is not a picture book. Whilst some pages are filled with pictures, the majority of it is covered in some heavy text.

Capture Your Style
Image from @matthvw on IG

I have never felt more motivation towards creating my Instagram content than when reading this book. Therefore I really wanted to share some of these tips with you. Most of them are so obvious yet very rarely picked up by people. You ready to completely transform your IG?

1 When planning the content, think in terms of a 12 post grid
Pick a theme and tell a story

2 Have an underlying mission statement
Now initially this can be hard (God knows I found the exact words to mine a few weeks ago). Use this to constantly reflect your work.

3 According to Track Man (a marketing company), the most popular filters are lo-fi, x-pro and Valencia (my personal favourite).

4 The book suggest using an IPhone for capturing your photos. However I personally think any form of camera (actual camera or phone) work well. It’s all about the skills of the camera holder.

5 For editing the following apps are recommended:
Snapseed – perfect for enhancing brightness, shadow levels and contrast (haven’t tried this myself)
Facetune – an app similar to photoshop (yet to try this app personally)
Vsco Cam – Perfect for the filters (an app I actually really love)
Instagram Editing Tools – you know, the ones that come with the app

Image from @sarahgeary_ on IG

Those are the tip’s I thought might be of use to you. I don’t know about you but for me my IG is my own personal visual diary so I believe it’s important to put in the effort when creating the content.

I hope you guys enjoyed the post.

Until The Next Time


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