Hey Guys!

First & foremost, welcome back to my original blog!

In March 2017 I decided to purchase a domain via go-daddy and to host it via that too. However as the year went on I decided it’s not worth me renewing it unless of course I’m posting on a daily basis. Obviously that is something I don’t exactly do.

I also feel as if I got a little bit side-tracked with what it was I wanted to achieve with my blog. As you know Fashion is something I am seriously inspired by. To me it is my second from of a creative outlet (first being writing). Furthermore, it seems with the blog and Instagram increasing in audience I’ve been noticed by quite a few brands and PR companies. Now as wonderful and great as that is, it’s super easy to just get caught up in it all and loose the true reason of what one wants to achieve.

And I’d actually been feeling like this for a while which is why I hadn’t exactly made any content nor written the usual amounts of posts. I had somewhat of an idea as to what I wanted my mission statement to be. However due to it not being 100% clear my content wasn’t adding up to what I wanted to share.

Fashion to me is more than just a piece of clothing. It is a form of art through which I have always expressed my own identity. Being from a multi-cultural background my sense of fashion has always been inspired through a variety of things. These include my Islam faith, my Pakistani parental heritage and my country of birth (Sweden). On top of all that I’ve been living in the UK for the past 14 years! Being exposed to so many cultures all at once makes me feel incredibly blessed.
However, back when I was a teenager I was often confused as to who I was. I mean to the Swedish I’m too Brown, the Pakistani I’m not Pakistani (I’ve only been three times!), and to the British I’m an EU citizen. So unsurprisingly it was 100% confusing. That was the case until Fashion came into my life.


I started experimenting with clothing. I began to see how clothing around the world is inspired via cultures and traditions of certain regions. Fashion throughout history is a perfect example of this as each decade shows not only the quality of life but also what society was like back then. I’ve always had a fascination with people, behavior and history. I love learning about different cultures and religions as I believe the more we know the better we understand one another and live peacefully.

Whilst going to University I came across a whole new level of Fashion. People would literally deck up and come in in heels and fur coats. It was almost like coming to a new Fashion show every day. Each person had their own unique sense of style which was ultimately based on their experiences, traditions and life. It was so wonderful to see.

Anyway, I attended a SkinnyDip London & The Other Box talk the other day. I didn’t really know what to expect and just thought it would be a nice evening out. Plus it was a chance to catch up with my good friend from uni Zahra (if you don’t already, check her out as her sense of style is on fleek). Not to mention the fact that Ella from Authentically Ella was going to be on the panel.

So I got dressed, did my hair and makeup (two of my favourite ‘me time’ things to do) and got on the train to London. I arrived at the venue and found some good looking doughnuts staring at me. I could tell they wanted to be eaten so obviously I wasn’t going to deny them that!
Me and Zahra found our way to the seats and were then gifted with some of the best Mac’n’Cheese I’ve had my whole life. Like you need to understand, at this moment in time Rohma was 100% loving life.


So the talk began and I realised that this talk was much more than just some inspiring women. These women were women of colour and in the creative industry. This is something we don’t actually see a lot of unfortunately. As they began talking I was just absolutely awe struck. It felt as if I was coming to a full circle and finally finding a clear mission statement.  I want to be an individual that represents women of colour within the creative industry! I want my space on the internet to be a place where people from all over the world can come and be inspired and learn about my traditions and mixed cultures.

There was one particular women (Jade Laurice) who left me feeling so motivated to just go for it. She began telling the audience how she was stuck in a job she seriously hated (I’m sure we all feel stuck at some point). One day a customer waked past and she noticed their denim jacket as it had paint all over it. That night she went come and spent the entire night creating artwork on denim. She uploaded these unto Depop and within a week was sold out (and had made £1000). She quit that week and hasn’t looked back. Now I know the chances of this succeeding straight away is 1 in 10’000 etc. However the point was she just went for it which is something I just found so amazing. When leaving I felt so incredibly empowered. I also felt more positive than I have been in a while. It was just such an incredible feeling.

So I thought I’d share that with you all in case there is someone out there who is feeling a bit lost (like I was before the talk).

Until The Next Time

** all images were found via google images

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