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Acne is something I have been dealing with since my early teenage years. It was something I initially struggled to come to terms with. Acne made me feel as if I wasn’t meeting the standards of beauty set by the industry. By constantly seeing beauty adverts promoting foundations and face creams that aimed to cover my skin, I was left thinking that was what I had to do and achieve. Which now that I think about it is completely ridiculous as we only see these posters and ad’s after some serious Photoshop and editing has taken place. So even the images we see aren’t even 100% true and accurate.

Needless to say, the more I caked my face with foundations, primers, face powders and concealers, the more my face became prone to acne. And it soon turned into a vicious circle that just led to more and more acne. The more the acne increased, the more uncomfortably and unhappy I became with my skin.

However it wasn’t until last year where I realised that it my skin was normal. It was how my skin was naturally and therefore to me it was normal. Just because ‘normal skin’ is advertised in a certain way does not mean it is the only way. Naturally these marketing campaigns aim to question imperfections a person is conscious about. They offer a ‘solution’ to a ‘problem’. However it is only a ‘problem’ because it’s how we have begun to see it.

So with that point in mind I began to work on how I saw myself. I wanted to feel just as comfortable leaving the house as I did with my makeup on. Initially it was somewhat of a struggle. I felt like everyone stared at me as soon as I stepped out of my house. But truth be told we all know people have better things to do with their lives than to stare at you purely because you are not wearing any makeup. For more on this I seriously suggest checking out this video.

Now with my skin naked and on show for the world to see I thought I’d share some of my tips for dealing with acne and acne scars.

I am such a huge fan of face masks. Not only do they make me feel super pampered but it’s also fun to try new products. My favourite mask has to be the L’Oreal  Charcoal Clay Mask. I apply it three times a week and each time I take it off, my skin feel amazing! This mask has really helped in the reduction of my acne.
To reduce my acne scars I always add a table spoon of lemon juice to a table spoon of the mask and mix it together. Once mixed into a smooth paste, I apply this all over my face and neck and allow it to dry for 30 minutes. Not only does this add a nice dose of Vitamin C to my skin, but it also shows a visible difference in the scars. As this is a mix that contains lemon juice, I wouldn’t suggest to do it more than once a week (unless you are targeting certain areas).

This was something I didn’t give much importance too in the past. However now that I don’t wear foundation (unless for special occasions), I seem to be a lot more into working towards a healthy complexion. A key thing for me (for when it comes to this) is to ensure that I am taking my daily vitamins (in particular Vitamin C and Vitamin E). Again this seems to be another thing business are exploiting through marketing. With so many promotions out there it can be really easy falling into the trap of only wanting the most expensive product. The Vitamin products I use are Boots very own A-Z vitamins.

I know this is a tip you will probably heard of thousands of times. But trust me, drinking at least 2L of water a day seriously makes a difference to your skin. This is something I still struggle with. So to ensure I drink 2L I use a cool tumblr I purchased from Accessorize. However you can use anything that you can carry water in. This way you will always have the water on hand and you will be able to keep a count of how much water you have been drinking throughout the day.

Again this is something I struggle with sticking too. With lives being as busy and hectic as they are these days, it’s super hard keeping up. However you need to remember to put yourself first. And if your skincare routine is something you start viewing as ‘pamper time’ rather than anything on your list of chores, you’ll really enjoy it. And by enjoying it you’ll want to keep at it. I was once told by an amazing friend that the skin takes 28 days to completely re-new. Therefore don’t expect to see a difference straight away. Make sure you keep at it for a month (minimum).

For my skincare routine I always tend to use the L’Oreal clay face washes on a daily basis. I also use a mask every other day. For moisturising I use the L’Oreal hydra genius. I have tried everything from Neutrogena to Clearasil to even seeing a dermatologist. Nothing seems to work as well on my skin as this range by L’Oreal. However I don’t use any of the scrubs product from this range as my skin is extra sensitive and reacts badly to it. The reason I use the Hydra Genius is that it is one of the few moisturisers that makes my skin feel light and as if it can breathe.

My youngest sister is seriously into ‘natural skincare’, to the point where she makes 95% of the skincare products she uses. So this is a tip I was initially not 100% convinced on but after seeing the results on her I am totally into it. Using rose water as a toner has really made my skin feel super soft. And you can really see the dirt it picks up by just looking at the cotton pad after your done.

You might be wondering why I have this on the list but just bear with. Having heard about the health crazes such as oil pulling, hair oils and rose water, I headed to my local Holland & Barrett (wholefood store) to check out the products. When I saw the prices they were charging my mouth literally dropped. Coconut oil was around £30.00, hair oils were £15+ and I really couldn’t believe my eyes. The reason for this was that having been born to Pakistani parents, 50% of our groceries were done in a Desi food store. There the same sized jar of 100% coconut oil was literally £2.99. The hair oil starts around the £1.79 price point and rose water is only £0.49! So therefore I can’t emphasise this enough, check out your local ethnic food store first as you will literally save so much more money.

Makeup is something that is meant to be enjoyed. Although I don’t use foundation on my skin and I don’t conceal my spots, I still use makeup. I absolutely enjoy making different looks using eyeshadows. I conceal my under eyes and often use concealer as a primer on my eyelids. I love filling in my eyebrows and really can’t get enough nude lipsticks. I am a self-confessed makeup addict. Unlike the past where I thought I had no other choice but to cover up because I wasn’t ‘beautiful enough’, I now use makeup as a way of expressing myself. I am just as comfortable being in public with and without it. I no longer ‘need it’. I am 100% comfortable with me self. That is something so incredibly important. Never let the makeup become something you ‘need to survive’ Never start depending on it as ‘the only way to look beautiful’. Don’t depend on makeup for your survival and mental happiness. Learn to accept whatever the imperfection is and grow to love it. Make your makeup kit something you enjoy, not something you need.

So those are my tips towards dealing with acne and acne scars.

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