Hey Guys!

I hope you are all well and that the first week of 2018 has been awesome for you.

Is it just me or has the weather been genuinely  cold lately? It literally feels like the cold is making its way into my bones!

So naturally to keep warm I seem to be running to my wardrobe to take out the thickest jumper I can find. Now seeing as this is me I’m writing, I can 100% claim that I am a serious jumper addict. As soon as Autumn makes its way I literally pack all my summer clothes and get out the jumpers. It seems I have everything from cropped jumpers, to minimal to printed to super thick to sparkly. And yet it seems I can never have enough. I find my feet automatically walking straight to the knitwear section every time I set foot in a store. I don’t know what it is but I just need them in my life. It’s almost as if each new jumper feels like a layer of blanket I can wear and walk around in.

With London Fashion Week just over a month away I can’t help but to start thinking about what it is I should be wearing. For those that have had the chance of seeing London Fashion Week will know that people seriously dress up. It could be argued that the actual catwalk is the amount of inspiration you get through observing all the amazing street style. Furthermore, when a street style photographer decides to ask you if they can take a shot of your outfit, the feeling you get is just so incredibly good.

However, did I mention London Fashion Week is just over a month away? As in its taking place in February, a month we all (depending on where you live on the globe) know as cold.

London Fashion Week Street Style

So therefore I am left in a situation where I have to pick style over comfort. I mean London Fashion Week is after all a celebration of The British Fashion Industry. But having thought about it I quite like the idea of up-cycling a jumper from my wardrobe. It seems Fashion today is very much about being fast and in that process it’s leading to a lot of clothes being literally dumped and wasted. Personally I go through my wardrobe twice a year to clear it out and firstly ask around to see if anyone is interested in anything. Any garments then left over are sent to the charity shop. This way I feel the garments get a second life and are truly used to their full potential.

I feel as if Fast Fashion has taken away the romantic side to garments. It’s as if in the past clothes were bought with a lot of thought, unlike today where it is mostly impulsive. They were well looked after. And to ensure they lived to their fullest, they were often altered to stay within the new trends. Whereas today when clothes are no longer on trend, they are simply thrown out.

Therefore I feel I should look through my many jumpers and see what I can up-cycle for London Fashion Week. I feel as if I want to go down the route of embellishing a jumper. There is a whole month to go so who knows what up-cycled outfit I might end up wearing?!

Outfit Details:

Jumper H&M £12.99
Trousers: The Boutique Liverpool £15.00
Shoes: Primark £6.00

Until The Next Time

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