Hey you awesome people!

Hope you’re all well and everything is awesome.

Thank you to everyone who gave their wonderful support in my last post (click here to read it). It really meant a lot and provided me with that final motivation that was required to jump over the wall of the mind block.

So I thought I’d write a different kind of post today that I could have quite honestly benefited from a year ago (just before graduating). Whilst I was studying at UCA, I had a few idea of what I wanted to do careers vise. My tutors at my Fashion Management & Marketing course were all fantastic and so enthusiastic that I couldn’t wait to leave and make my mark. However something they didn’t make very clear was how hard it truly is to get a job.

Annoyingly the one thing I have noticed from my personal experience is that employees love to offer internships but hardly anyone offers a job. And there is only so much ‘free work’ you can do before the bills start adding up and you feel like you have no choice but to give up. And before you know it you end up hitting a stage in life where you have no job, no career and end up living back at home with the parents. And I am not ashamed to admit that I too went through this phase in life. But there is a lot I learned from it too that I would like to share with you (along with some advice) in the hope that you don’t have to face a similar phase.

So without any sugar coating here’s my guide to life after becoming a newly made graduate:


If you’re still stuck in terms of what section of the industry you want to go into, spend the summer interning. The minimum amount spent at an internship should be around 1 month as it shows that you stuck through it and also you learned something whilst there. I personally interned at Felicities PR for 10 weeks. Here I was taken on as a Showroom Manager and was taught many things. I spoke to clients and made sure their pieces were ready for shoots (and stylist pick ups). Contacted magazines and ensured the clients were receiving media coverage (both through editorials and celebrities). I helped at the Press Days and even got to design the invitation that was sent to all guests.
However it wasn’t all fun. There are times when my patience was tested and I felt like throwing in the towel. But that is only natural. What is important is how you behave in situations such as these. The best way is naturally to act professional and learn from it. That way you end up leaving more confident and happy.
Besides PR I have also assisted at photo shoots, attended and helped out at London Fashion Week, created and guest posted social media posts for different brands, written articles for The point I am trying to make is get as much experience as you can and if you know what you want to do ensure it is all relevant.


If there is one thing you will miss it is the freedom you had whilst living at university. There is no thing that will be more of a reality check than you moving back home. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my parents and have such an incredibly amount of respect and admiration for them. The amount of support they gave me when I moved back as was unreal. I truly feel blessed to have them. Having said that, moving back home means that even thought you’re in your early 20’s, to them your still a child and its back to following house rules and having to ask for constant permission to do things (which is understandable as it is their house, but having lived away from home for 3/4 years makes you forget having to do that).
The thing I suggest you do is find a hobby (or invest more time in one you have). For me it was illustrating and blogging. Through this, not only did I manage to create a portfolio, but it also helped me land a few freelance things that in return gave me more experience (and a few new thing to add to my CV).


Yeah just be ready to say Good Bye to it. It will become your biggest stranger.  But don’t get too upset because it means that when you do get the chance to socialise you will appreciate it so much more.
Having lived in a house of 7 other students. It was so incredibly strange for me to then move back home because it was so quiet. All my friends were at a minimum within an hour and a half’s commute away from me. And for those wondering, that is one heck of a train ticket price. And don’t even get me started on all my international friends. I got one in India, a few in Sweden and another in Italy. So as you can imagine my social life went from 101% to 0% very quickly.
However this time can also be seen as very useful. Due to having no choice but to be stuck within your own company, one should take the time to truly get to know oneself and become comfortable in ones own company. And unlike before, the chances of you having your family around are 100%. So make the most of spending your time with them because who knows what life will become once you have a job.



Yeah I can’t emphasise that bit enough. Don’t go wasting your free time sleeping, or simply doing nothing because there is nothing to do. You cam never have nothing to do. There is always something. I found that by planning my weeks in every detail I always found myself occupied in things that stopped me from becoming bored. Wether that was sewing, walking outside, simply enjoying the sunshine with my sketch pad or planning blog posts, there was rarely anytime I sat and did completely nothing.

So that, my wonderful herd of human beings, is what I learned. I hope this is of some help to you guys. I am aware that I haven’t covered every single little things so if you guys have any questions at all please ask them in the comment section below.

And for those wondering, it is not all doom and gloom. I am currently working both as a freelance illustrator and as a Supervisor/Assistant VM and am in the middle of planning a wonderful brand that should be launched very soon. So don’t let your determination disappear because no matter what, if you work for it you will get there.


P.S. check out my Instagram for regular updates (@rohmamalik)

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  1. thanks for sharing your though of fashion n where u work now. hope that ur brand will be launch very soon. i love to read about ur passion on fashion.

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