Hey Guys,

As you will have noticed, I haven’t written a blog post in what seems in incredibly long time. Though initially it was due to my laptop crashing and me having lost the software through which I create my moving illustrations, I found myself slightly lost. There is so much I wanted to write about and I just didn’t know where to begin.

So seeing as this is the first blog post of 2016 I thought I’d write about something that has been on my mind for quite a while. And trust me when I say that you guys will literally have no idea at the amount of times I have drafted out this post.

History is a subject that I have always been very passionate about. Not only is it filled with dramatic events that actually took place but there are so many lessons for us to learn from. However it seems that those in power quite enjoy re-making the mistakes of the past.

It saddens me to think that I am living in a world where a woman has taken feminism and quite frankly ruined it. To think that the voices of the feminists who began to fight for women to be seen as more than just objects has fallen on deaf ears is shocking.

Within the media today, we are constantly seeing powerful women who have the power to influence masses of people. And to some arguable point they are. But if they’re sticking to the true point, I do not know. They’re so busy competing against one another that they seems to have lost the actual meaning behind it all.

This is something that can clearly be seen within the fashion industry. Today, many ‘icons’ celebrate their bodies through literally putting every bit of it on show. I am in no way against being happy and confident in who you are but what I can’t understand is why it has to be done in what I find a very nude way. Surely the whole point was to show that women are not just a piece of meat.

Today’s culture seems to be all about wanting to show every inch of your flesh and it just makes me wonder what exactly happened to being a well-respected woman who truly knew her mind. And to me it just makes no sense from a feminist view. To give a patriarchal society what it wants but to claim for it to be a feminist movement is incredibly contradictory.

Women are no objects. They’re strong and powerful individuals that are capable of much more than the recognition they’re given. Women are the true backbone of society. They are capable of doing everything a man can. Furthermore, they have the incredible ability of bringing life into the world. Yet instead of moving forwards and closing the gap on gender inequalities, we seem to be widening it.

I believe that this is why I admire people such as Dina Torkia and Ascia AKF. Not only are they known for their incredible sense of style (which actually shows no flesh) but they’re strong minded business women who aren’t afraid to speak their minds, My admiration for them will never cease as to me they’re fighting for gender equality in a way that is both modest yet very effective.

A role model has the potential to bring out both the best and worst in you. And I can’t emphasise the importance of having a role model that bring out the best. The media is filled with ‘role-models’ who do nothing but show off their lavish lifestyles and their wild antics. They showcase artificial beauty and claim that everyone should be happy with their natural selves. Surely by having ‘icons’ such as these life will become more confusing.

If I was to give you all one message to take in throughout the year of 2016 it would be that true beauty comes with grace and humility.

Until The Next Time

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