Hey Guys!

I hope you’re all well and all is good.

So some of you may have noticed my disappearing for the month of November. My laptop decided it needed a break and so decided to crash. And with no software’s to create my illustrations I didn’t feel it would be right to write with no illustrations.

But now my laptop is back and ready to go so here I am writing again and my goodness me does it fell good!

Now for the actual post:
Can you believe it’s already December?! How incredibly fast has time flown this year? It literally feels like I’ve just blinked and were already near the end of 2015!

I guess it is fair to say that the party season has well and truly started. So for those of you awesome people looking for new and exciting pieces to add to your party wardrobe look no further! For I have put together a wardrobe update with pieces guaranteed to turn heads:

Naturally, I’m going to start of by one of my all time favourite brands!. The pieces featured here would make a perfect outfit for those winter evenings when your out and about with your friends. This particular outfit focuses on the clash of different textures in the pieces used. Personally I would wear an outfit such as this when visiting Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park (London).

Party Season [Monki]



Now for an outfit from my second favourite store. This outfit focuses on colours. The main statement within this particular outfit is the trousers. Not only are the colours perfect for this Winter season but the pattern allows for the trousers to be styled with almost anything. I have opted for a low cut emerald velvet top that will look both perfect and elegant with this deep blue fur coat. As it is winter I thought I’d pair these flare trousers with some black ankle boots. As the trousers have a slight orange tint, the outfit will look best when accessorised with gold coloured jewellery.

H&M Winter Outfit





Comment below and let me know what pieces are your favourite.

Until The Next Time


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