Hey Guys!

It seems my student budgeting way of thinking is still very fresh on my mind. Although I graduated back in June, I can’t seem to purchase clothing that I quite frankly couldn’t have afforded whilst at uni. Having been a Fashion Management and Marketing student at the time, I always felt a need to continuously keep updating my wardrobe with new pieces.As I was on a budget, I often found my self looking through the sale racks and luckily found garments that were exactly what I was looking for and the price was to good to leave.

Although it was all well and good going to Oxford Street on a regular basis, I still felt a slight annoyance with how the money would add up in regards to the train tickets etc. And what annoyed me more was that the online stores never quite had what I was looking for.

I recently came across a new online store called ROMWE. For those of you that do not know, ROMWE is a e-commerce store that was established in China. The brand aims to bring all the latest runway trends to your wardrobe at a price that is more than affordable. However there is a slight little issue. All the sizes here are a one size fit all. So therefore there can’t be a guarantee that each and every item is likely to fit everyone. Now there is a solution to it too, simply look at the silhouette. If like me you’re slightly on the curvy side, choose something that has a loose fit.

In terms of shipping, as the products are being sent from China it can take up to 20 days to receive your garments. So do make sure you purchase with this in mind. The website also states that products can be delivered world wide. For more information please check out their FAQ page.

So with Autumn almost over, I thought I’d make a wishlist of all the items I’d love to add to my Winter wardrobe. Please do check out the links as the information in regards to the size guide and cost will be on there (if you are viewing this on the blog then please click the pink words. If your viewing this via e-mail please click the underlined words).

  1. Burgundy Sweater
    I absolutely love deep dark/berry colours during the winter season. The silhouette of this jumper seems quite loose (which would be perfect for layering). The high neckline just makes the jumper seem more warmer as it will cover more of you up.
  2. Grey Sweater
    1441598601999394300Grey is a colour that is just so perfectly minimal. There is something about the colour that just reminds me of Scandinavian Fashion. Again this is a loose fitted jumper, making it perfect for layering. The neckline is almost similar to that of a turtleneck, making it perfect for those lazy chic outfits.
  3. Loose Dress
    I am so in love with this piece. It would look just perfect with some leather sweatpants. You could keep it casual by keeping your footwear to converses or dress it up by wearing heels. If the weather gets colder, wear a cropped jumper and let those layers come to life.
  4. Chunky Boots
    Can we all just take a minute to appreciate these awesome boots! Not only is the platforms super easy to walk in, but the over all silhouette of the shoes reminds me of Eskimos (I don’t know why). The black colour makes them wearable with anything (making them a perfect investment).
  5. Tartan Scarf
    Now if you find yourself wanting to wear something that’s quite thing, this tartan scarf would be perfect to wear on top. I would personally style this particular piece with some grey jeans and a white turtleneck top. As it is quite a thick material, it will keep you warm and looking good.
  6. Black Back Pack
    I have an obsession with back packs. I just can’t seem to get enough of them. This piece is a piece that I have fallen completely in love with. The shape of the bag is beautiful and the texture of it makes it minimal yet bold.

So there you have it. My winter wardrobe list from ROMWE. If you’re still feeling unsure as to whether the piece would fit you, I am a UK size 14 and a EU size 40 (if that helps). You may also have noted that I haven’t picked any trousers from here. That is due to me not being entirely sure if they would fit as I am quite tall and do not like short trousers.

Why not comment below and let me know what piece you like the most?

Until The Next Time!

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