Hey Guys!

Today’s ‘Makeup Monday’ is all about how to get the perfect flawless finish when applying your foundation.

As someone who suffers from severe acne, it can always be frustrating for when it comes to applying foundation. I always find that brushes seem to leave my foundation filled with streaks and never quite cover the blemishes. And trust me when I say I have tried more brushes than I can count with all my fingers. Besides foundation brushes, I have also attempted to use buffer brushes, concealer brushes, contouring brushes (you get the idea). And as always, the finish has always been anything but flawless.

So you may be wondering by now ‘what on earth do you use?’. The answer is the beauty blender.
Never have I ever managed to get my foundation so incredibly perfect than what I have with a beauty blender. So I thought I’d share my top three beauty blenders with you:


  1. Primark P.S. £1.00
    This beauty blender is in the perfect tear drop shape, helping you get into all those little corners. Once wet, the sponge doesn’t quite double in size. However the overall application is perfect for your everyday makeup. Unfortunately Primark currently have no online store. But the beauty products are available to buy from selected stores.bb2
  2. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge £5.99
    Having heard quite a fair deal about Real Techniques, I was quite curious to try their beauty blender. Although it is priced a fair bit more than that of the Primark sponge, this sponge is my current favourite. Not only does it double in size once wet, but the shape of the sponge perfectly fits all over the face (ensuring you get every little bit).bb3
  3. Cosmopolitan Beauty Blender £?
    This was the very first beauty blender I bought. Although mine was purchased from Superdrugs, I can not seem to find it on their online store. Therefore I’ll assume that it has been discontinued. But it is currently available on amazon. Anyway, I was initially attracted to this sponge due to its odd shape (reminded me of a chocolate chip). Once wet, this sponge also expands quite a fair deal (although the difference is not the same as that of the Real Techniques). Again, the shape of this sponge is perfect for getting to cover your entire face. I find its flat side perfect for when I am in a rush (as it covered a great deal very quickly).

If you’re wondering how to maintain these brushes, I clean mine on a regular basis using soap. By getting some soap into the sponge, I apply water and squish the sponge a fair amount of times. Next I rinse it with warm water until the water leaving the sponge becomes clean. Do note, a clean sponge does not mean a stain free sponge. Some sponges stain and remain stained even when cleaned.

So I hope you guys enjoyed this weeks ‘Makeup Monday’. Why not comment below and let me know what your favourite foundation application method is?

Until The Next Time!

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  1. I have a teardrop foundation blender that I’ve tried and ended up putting it away. I have no idea how to use it. Lol. Now I use the flat sponges and a brush. Great post!

    1. I’m glad you liked the post!
      In regards to the tear drop sponge, I always find the point great for getting the inner eyes etc. and the base of it is great for over all application. And if you were to hold it at an angle (point facing the mouth and the other end facing your ear), its perfect for contouring. Hope that helped 🙂

  2. Hmm, interesting. I understand that frustration when the foundation/concealer doesn’t stay. I’ve actually been thinking of getting one but idk, been doubtful about it. So to use it we gotta damp it first and then? Hehe, kinda lost here.

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