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November 5th 2015 is a date that will be noted down in the diaries of anyone who lives and breathes fashion. For those of you who do not know. Friday 5th November 2015 is the date that the long awaited HM X Balmain collection will officially be launched both online and in store. And to see there’s been some hype about this particular H&M collaboration would be hugely underestimating the excitement that is surrounded.


The actual campaign surrounding this collaboration has been incredible to see. As a Fashion Management and Marketing graduate, I have always been fascinated by how H&M have always marketed each of their collaborations. From the announcement of their designer collaboration at Coachella with Alexander Wang, to their beautiful collaboration with Versace (still my favourite), H&M has never seemed to have had any limits.

And this can quite frankly be said for H&M X Balmain. With  world renowned models such a Jordan Dunn, Kendall Jenner and Gigi, this collections has sure put a whole goal for high street fashion. As if that wasn’t enough, their launch party (held in New York) was quite literally the most flamboyant thing I have seen in while. For those wondering, there was a dance performance (though I don’t know how I felt about the actual routine), the runway featuring the worlds elite and a performance by The Backstreet Boys.


However, I still don’t know just how I feel about the collection. It certainly does have the whole limited edition feel to it (I mean how could it now with such bespoke pieces). But the price range of has seriously put me off. I understand that this is a Couture X High-street, but with some pieces priced around £299+ I am not feeling it. Yes I understand the pieces are incredible but it has just taken the whole ‘high-street’ element away from it. If anything, I feel slightly disappointed as by having prices such as these, it has taken away from the whole idea of it being affordable to everyone. Again I do know that a lot of effort and craftsmanship goes into creating capsule collections such as this but I’m not quite seeing the point in creating such an extravagant collection if it’s at the cost of taking away the ‘high-street’ element.

Am I the only one feeling like this? Comment below and let me know your opinion.

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8 thoughts on “#HMBALMAINATION

  1. I love the pieces and can’t wait to see them in person. It’s great to have a collaboration that is still so true to the designers style and so clearly Balmain! Completely agree about the price point though- hopefully the quality will justify the price!

    LOVE your blog! Can’t wait to see what else you post.
    Rach x

  2. I completely agree with you! The clothing is sure to be beautiful, but also sure to be out of reach to most. Balmain is a successful fashion house, H&M a huge company that benefits from economy of scale. With their immense resources, they could have afforded to make the collection more affordable!

  3. Hopefully the quality will be good to cover for the price. But I do understand, that’s a pretty hefty price! I had heard there was some sort of leak of the images before it got released? That might have been something else…

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