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Can you believe ROHMA0MALIK has reached its 100th post already?! It seems only yesterday when I first sat down to write my very first post. And I can honestly say I had no idea where this blog would lead nor just how big it would become. Since then I have many wonderful opportunities and met some seriously incredible people. However, the very best thing in this entire journey has been you guys. Because without you none of this would have been possible.To know that my blog is read and enjoyed literally in each and every continent is truly amazing! THANK YOU!!!

To show my gratitude I will have created a new segment called ‘Makeup Monday’. This segment will cover all things Beauty, Skin and Health (along with various other things). So let me be the very first to introduce y’all to the very first Makeup Monday post:

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Autumn is probably one of the best season as it brings with it the beautiful orange leaves, the crisp cold wind and gives one the perfect excuse to change their makeup routine.

As some of you may know, the skin is prone to drying in with these colder temperatures and so therefore requires regular moisturising. Along with moisturising, I find that a full coverage foundation also helps prevent drying. My current favourite one is the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation. This is because I really love how well it blends into my skin (I use a beauty blender as I find that brushes leave streaks when using liquid foundation). It has also always stayed on my skin perfectly for the entire day (and there have often been days where I’ve worn it for 13/14 hours).

Besides foundation, Autumn is also the perfect excuse to change the shade of your blush. Currently I am using a blush palette found on Amazon (click here to see it). Not only does this palette come with 10 different shades (making it perfect for all seasons) but it has some wonderful deep red tones for Autumn. And with it’s current price of £3.37, it is a total bargain!

The third (and in my opinion the most important) Autumn makeup change is the ‘go to lipstick’. This season is the perfect time to wear those beautiful deep berry and coffee colours. And as a fan of dark lip shades, I love adding new additions to my ever growing Lipstick Collection. My most loved berry lipstick is the MUA Shade One as it literally glides on perfectly and comes with its own primer (helping it stay on for longer). I am still i search for my perfect coffee colour (if you have one please leave it in the comments below).

So there you have it. Three new items you could add to your make-up to give you the perfect Autumn look. If you do try any of these please leave me a comment or tweet me as I’d love to hear your opinion.

Until The Next Time


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7 thoughts on “MAKEUP MONDAY

  1. Congrats on your 100th post! For a beautiful Autumn brown check out Bourjois lip cream in beautiful brun. Apply with any dark brown or Mac’s cork lipliner and you have a beautiful Autumnal colour! I have a swatch on the Bourjois lip cream in a review post I did for them in my blog. Go check it out if you like xxx

  2. I am loving your blog, everything is so colorful and lively! Also, I like how you write beauty reviews; I am an avid reviews reader and I find them really helpful when contemplating on whether or not to purchase something.

    1. I am so glad you love the fun side of the blog! Thank you.
      I always find that a lot of beauty bloggers have many tutorials but not an actual opinion of the product (just how to use it) so thought it could be something fun to do 🙂
      I hope you enjoy all the future beauty posts to come!

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