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I was recently invited to the official launch party of the Malaysian scarf brand Sugar Scarf. And to be very honest I was extremely excited to see what a modest Asian fashion show would look like. Having recently been to London Fashion Week to see the creativity of The Swedish School of Textiles, I was curious to see what creativity Malaysia had to showcase through their medium of scarves.

The actual set was made quite simply yet one could argue that it was quite effective when reflecting upon the current Autumn season. With a variety of leaves scattered across the floor, I couldn’t help but wish to run through it. The backdrop was of a white screen with a reflected image of a wooden photo frame. Though to be honest I didn’t quite understand the purpose of this as it to me didn’t seem to fit well with the overall theme.

Wouldn’t you just love to make an Autumn Leaf Angel?!

The show began with an introduction into the brand followed by the actual catwalk. Now I do not know if its just my past experience of styling and attending shows, but I could not understand why the models were all wearing different garments that in my opinion did not co-exist very well with each other. Although individually they were rather lovely, they (to me) took away from the main pieces that were to be showcased (i.e. the scarves). If I was to have styled the models, I would have ensured that each model had been wearing the exact same black dress as it would have flowed perfectly and one would have been focused on the actual product on show.

The overall styling would have looked much better if all models wore this dress instead of the one.

I was quite intrigued to see the many different styles of wearing the scarf. With only being familiar with how Dina Torkia, Imaan from FWF and my own sister wear, it was really quite interesting to see the Malaysian methods. Not only that, but I found the actual material quite different from that I see here. For example, I often see the use of cotton, pashmina and jersey being used for creating turbans. However, this show was filled with different forms of satin, silk and each has its own embellishment (making it rather unique).

Now to move on to the bit I am most excited to tell you all about. As if it wasn’t exciting enough to see my name on the seat in the FROW, my seat was right next to one of my all time favourite style icons. Having been an admirer of her style for some years now, I have always wanted to meet her to say just how awesome her style is. And to actually be given the chance was just too incredible of a moment. And since having met her, my admiration for her has just increased x100 as she was such a wonderful soul to meet!

First and on the FROW
First and on the FROW

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