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So the blog post today is an exciting one. You may have come across my many style icon posts but this is the very first up and close Q&A with a blogger that I truly admire. Not only is her sense of fashion incredible but she is absolutely stunning too! Guys, let me introduce you to Yuliya, the owner of YUKOVA. Not only does her blog cover awesome events (such as the many London Fashion Week events and shows that took place in September), but you will also find all things beauty and style. I recently had the chance to collaborate with Yuliya by creating an illustration for her (for her blog) which was something that I rather enjoyed. I don’t know what it is, but there is something quite therapeutic with illustrating. Anyway, I thought I’d also take the chance to interview her so you guys could also get to know Yuliya and see inside the mind of another fashion blogger as creativity and inspiration is different for all:

  1. What is it about Fashion that inspires you?
    Fashion has always been my inspiration and passion. I love everything about it – from how to style to emerging fashion trends. On my fashion blog you can see that I cover fashion from different perspectives: style tips and advice, creating outfit posts, interviews with fashion designers, fashion items reviews.
  1. How do you use Fashion to express who you are?
    My fashion blog had become my Second Me. I use it as a tool to show to my readers how much I love fashion and what inspires me daily. I love colours. They help me to express my current mood and state of mind.
  1. If you could pick one designer to style your wardrobe, who would you pick and why?
    I’d love to have more time to create my own wardrobe. I barely had any time to create clothes after I’ve graduated from my Fashion degree.
  1. Who is your all time favourite style icon? What is it about them that you love so much?
    I find it difficult to find one person to name it my style icon. Style as well as personality is a complex thing. If i could I’d mix Monica Bellucci and Cate Blanchett. Monica Bellucci is very sexy, seductive, passionate woman. Cate Blanchett reflects elegance and sophistication to me.
  1. If you had to describe your sense of style in three words, what would they be?
    Elegant, sophisticated, vivid
  1. Where would you advice us to go searching for inspiration? Why?
    Inspiration is around and in everything. My biggest inspiration is nature. Therefore, I love to spend time at the park or swimming in the sea. you need to figure out what are you getting inspired of and try to make some time for it!
  1. You’re given the chance to attend all the shows across NYFW, LFW, MFW, PFW, but can only pick one city, which would you pick? Why?
    London. It’s my home and i love to support British fashion designers.
  1. Sustainable fashion is a very hot topic within the fashion industry, what are your thought on about it?
    You are right, sustainable fashion is an integral part of a fashion nowadays. I think it has a right to be.
  1. You’re given the choice to keep one garment forever, one is a classic vintage piece, the other fresh of the runway. Which would you pick? Why?
    I would pick a fresh piece from a runway. I believe, that vintage/old things can emotionally drag you back. I’m open to new ideas and emotions and don’t want to live past.
  1. What is the one thing you believe all wardrobes should have?

So I hope you guys enjoyed the Q&A with Yuliya. Do check her blog and her instagram.

Until The Next Time

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