London Fashion Week BEAUTY BAR

Hey Guys!

I was recently invited by The Bloggers Hangout to attend their LFW Beauty Bar.
Being a make-up enthusiast I was extremely excited and didn’t know what to expect. The location was in Shoreditch (one of my all time favourite places in London). Being the Swedish I am, I and my guest both arrived 30 minutes early and decided to walk around Brick Lane. Here you are guaranteed to find magnificent street art that is always loud and vibrant in colour.


Having made our way back to Bethnal Green, we headed towards the venue. Unlike the Bloggers Fashion Week, this event was far better structured and organised. The brands here were genuinely interesting and varied from one another. Here, there was a variety of stands that covered cosmetics, health, skin and body products. As we arrived just as the event was starting, we managed to make our way across all the stands.


These were all the products I was gifted. With it having been a while since the event took place I have managed to use quite a few of these products and thought I’d share my honest opinion with you guys in case you are curious to try these out:


    I think I was most excited about this brush kit. This is because I absolutely love make-up and to come across a new range that can enhance the quality of appliance is just awesome. These brushes are super soft and blend so incredibly well. The strands are made from a Fibre Luxe technology that picks up the pigments perfectly. Why these are not more popular than Real Technique I do not know. In my opinion these are far better than Real Technique and are worth investing in. You can find these here.
    Now when you hear the words ‘tea tox’ you might automatically think ‘runny tummy no thank you’. And to be very honest, that is what my initial thought were too. Although I was looking forward to trying the product I was quite nervous. But here is the thing, having been on this tea for well  over six days my tummy is perfectly fine. And the best bit is that it is actually working. I can both see and feel that my bloating has gone. I’m really loving the product and will be doing a separate post on it in the near future with more information. However if you can’t wait till then, then get it here.
    I have not yet had the chance to try this product so can not provide you with an opinion. But I can give you some information in regards to the product. Skin Chemists London have created a new skin product (available here) that they call ‘Wrinkle Killer Activ+ Professional Facial Treatment’. This is a week long treatment regime and is to be applied to the face and neck.
    I have not yet had the chance to try this product so can not provide you with an opinion. But I can give you some information in regards to the product. This is a food supplement that’s is to be taken on a daily basis and contains only natural ingredients. For optimum skin benefits, one is to take a sachet and add it into at least 250ml of your favourite hot/cold non carbonated drink or soft food. This is an idea that I find quite appealing as it suggests that the flavour of the product is quite appealing. And with it only being one sachet a day you can add it to almost anything and enjoy the benefits of great skin. This product will also be fully reviewed in the near future. You can find it here.
    Having curly hair might seem like it’s easy but let me tell you it is not. When brushing, the hair always manages to swallow up the brush leading to a daily fight with getting it out. And once knot free it takes less than 5 minutes for it to get back to its knotty self. And if that wasn’t enough, curly hair is incredibly dry.Which often means I end up with a broomstick on top of my head. So naturally having come across this natural range I was excited. Not only did it smell delicious but it also contains coconut oil (something I love to use to add extra moisture in my hair). However the shampoo and conditioner didn’t quite live up to my expectations. My hair didn’t feel any different in terms of the dryness and found it took longer to wash out compared my usual John Frieda range (I recommend that to all with curly hair!). However I seem to have fallen in love with the leave in conditioner. It truly does what is says on the label. Every time I’ve used it the curls have been very defined and stayed in for several days. And best of all there has been no frizz. This product I can’t recommend enough and is available here.
    Now this little product is such a little happy pill. It’s like a Fairy Godmother that’s come to cheer you up when Mother Nature makes you want to cry. Packed with all the essentials needed, this box also comes with some delicious tea, chocolate, cosmetics and accessories. If your wanting to subscribe then click here.
    If there is one thing that cheers me up, it is finding Scandinavians. I don’t know what it is but I always seem to find my way towards meeting them. And that happened again as I came towards the Soley products. These are natural products for the skin. Not only are they from Iceland but they’re also organic. Made with hand picked wild Icelandic herbs,these products are just too perfect. I am loving my samples and can’t wait for them to launch in England!

So that was London Fashion Week Beauty Bar. I quite enjoyed the event and am very thankful for the opportunity of being able to attend as I came across some wonderful products. I hope you guys enjoyed the post too and are also feeling excited about some of these products.

Until The Next Time!

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