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Hey Guys!

So I was recently invited by The Bloggers Hangout to BLFW which was hosted in Southbank, London.
As this was my very first time to attend an event such as this, I had no idea as to what I was to expect.
And to be very honest with you, I still don’t know how I feel about the event overall. Since having attended the event I am left with some mixed feelings. Perhaps with having attended London Fashion Week, my expectations for this event may have been a bit too high.

Initially at first impressions the event seemed quite chaotic to me. As soon as me and my guests entered we were in a room filled with various stands. This to me resembled events such as small markets with stalls. However on this occasion it was brands wanting to showcase themselves and make possible contacts with the bloggers, To my right was a line of about 4 brands with their stands and to my left were other brands giving away free makeovers (which was rather nice of them).
The view overlooked the beautiful River Thames and made the overall atmosphere rather calming.

As we made our way across the stands, we noticed that a lot of the brands were showcasing similar products. However some were more interesting than the others.

The first was Little Ondine. This little product reminded me of something that would have been used as a secret spy gadget in Totally Spies (anyone else beside me watch that?). This is because to me this beauty product is magical. Basically you simply apply the nail polish in two coats. Once you happen to be at the point of wanting to remove it, all you need to do is simply peel it off. That is it. No mess, no smell, nothing. How perfect is that?!


The second that stood out to me was these beautiful candle stand. Again you might be thinking ‘Rohma what’s so special about this candle? it just wax in a bowl!’. But let me tell you that these are no ordinary candles. In fact, they’re beautifully scented and perfect as a gift to someone. Each candle is made with a special occassion in mind and even has a scent to fit it. And if that wasn’t all, they have the cutest little # all around it. So not only is it a wonderful gift but also perfect to feed that social media addiction.


Now besides these stands, there were also some catwalks that had been organised. I think it would be fair to say that again my hopes for these might have been too high. But seeing as the only catwalks I have seen in person have been that of those showcased during London Fashion Week, you can’t blame me. It wasn’t the fact that the catwalk was taking place among the room with the stands and there was a small amount of seats an everything had to stop for each catwalk that confused me. It was the fact that the models hadn’t been styled in the same way.This made it very confusing for me as I was unable to understand the story behind the collection. However, the inner Desi within me was inspired by the though of turning my ethnic shawls into kimonos/cardigans for this winter.


I guess if I had to sum up this particular event I’d say it was certainly an interesting one. Although I loved the overall idea, the event did seem a bit chaotic. And even though most of the brands had similar products, it was interesting to see what new things were being introduced to the Fashion/Beauty market. So I’m naturally intrigued to see what the next BLFW will bring.

Until The Next Time!

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