Vernez Launch Party


On Wednesday 3rd September 2015 the new Fashion App Vernez was officially launched. Having received an invite I decided to download the app to see what the buzz was about. Since downloading it into my Ipod Touch I can honestly say I’m loving it! Although initially it took me some time to get my head around the process of the app, and the constant crashes prior to the update surely tested my patience. Since its newest update I am really enjoying the smoothness of the app.

The purpose of this app is to allow users to create their own style boards/magazines that allow other users to see the many ways to style a single item that has taken your interest. You can also follow a single piece of garment to see how other users are using the single garment across their boards. And best of all, with a single tap you’re able to buy any garment that takes your fancy. Why not take a sneak peak yourself and check me out ‘rohmamalik’ .

The actual event was hosted in East London on Wednesday and began at 18.30. I decided to stick to my Scandinavian side and wore a beautiful mid length white jumper from Monki which was paired with some light denim from Primark and a nice pair of red ox boots from New Look. As someone who hardly wears heels, these New Look ones were surprisingly comfy compared to the usual New Look heels.


The evening started with a fun session at the Photobooth. How awesome do these earrings from Accessorize look?!


We were then introduced to the wonderful app by its founder. Can you spot the floating drumkit?


With the presentation over we were treated to some delicious cupcakes.


And as if the cupcakes weren’t enough, they even had a Candy Floss machine. Fashion and a Sugar Rush!


Our shadow game was strong at the Vernez Launch


Our view from the Vernez Launch. Can anyone spot the shard?


The decor of the event was so bright and colourful.


With the brains behind the app. Thank you for a social media platform with fashion in mind!

So if you have ever felt lost for inspiration, wanted to see what it’s like to be a stylist or even start your own Fashion Magazine, download the app and let all the possibilities awaken.

Until The Next Time!


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