For many, the wonderful Fashion Month starts at the beginning of September with NYFW. For me it begins with the wonderful fashion shows at Stockholm Fashion Week at the end of August. Usually consisting of only three days, Stockholm Fashion Week never fails in delivering some wonderful garments. Swedish fashion is incredible (and I’m not just saying that as I’m Swedish). The talent in Scandinavia is truly worth celebrating and if there was to be one designer worth watching, it would be Ida Sjöstedt (without a doubt).

Having initially heard of Ida though her collaboration with Monki, I have been constantly admiring her work as it has never failed to amaze me. Since her collaboration, she has showcased some incredibly wonderful collections at Stockholm Fashion Week and even had the honour of designing the royal wedding dress of Princess Sofia (who married Prince Carl Phillip of Sweden in 2015). Naturally with having seen Ida go from strength to strength I was so excited to see what her S/S16 collection would be. And I can put my hand on my heart and say that yet again her collection was intricately beautiful.

The show began by the soundtrack of birds tweeting, reminding one of the beautiful warm summer mornings. Then one by one the models began walking the runway. Each one with garments more beautiful than the other. There seemed to be a colour theme of red, brown, pink, blue and white. The materials seemed light and moved so well with the movement of the models. There was a lot of lace (something Ida always does well). The silhouettes were all very feminine and the garments were covered in florals (resembling the summer feeling given by the music). The garments included many intricate dresses (both long and short), mesmerising tops and wonderful trousers and skirts.
In terms of accessories there were some wonderfully detailed clutches and sunglasses frames covered in 3-D flowers (going perfectly with the garments). My favourite was the floral sunglasses as they just looked so fun and fabulous!
The models walking the runway wore very minimal make-up. The eye-shadows used were all neutral in colour and the lipstick was a nude pink. In terms of a blush, bronzer was used to enhance the face and the use of highlighter was quite evident. It was almost like a toned down natural strobing. The hairstyle was resembling a low messy bun which was accessorized with some floral clips/flowers.

Overall the S/S16 Ida SjÖstedt fashion show was beautifully elegant and personally I can’t wait to see what other marvellous creations her mind will create!

Until the Next Time Guys!


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