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London Fashion Week is not just a week filled with catwalk shows. It is a week where everyone with a love for fashion comes together. Where many inspire and make new friends. With that in mind I have a new guest post for you guys.
Seeing as the last guest post (click here) was all about a make-up look (to see my take on Dior click here), it only seemed natural to have another guest posts featuring possible outfits. I hope you guys find these inspiring towards what you would like to see in your A/W wardrobe (and on the street style). Don’t forget to check out my take on what to wear to LFW (check it out here).
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Hi everyone!
London fashion week is almost here, September is on the way, and if you’ve been evading spending on new London fashion week outfits, the occasion truly has originated. September’s Fashion Week shows provide us with a foretaste of the next seasons trends we must be trying, and now that September is here, it’s time to start thinking about what is essential to wear to London fashion week too look like most stylish person at fashion week. I have compiled my top 10 fashion outfits that can be worn to LFW.
This is the guest article was written by Chantelle Taylor. Chantelle Taylor is a London fashion blogger & fashion designer if you enjoyed this post check her links out here.


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