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So I thought I’d do something different for today’s post. With Fashion Month just around the corner (how exciting?!) I thought I’d do a make-up look for less (and not just any, but one inspired by the models walking the runway for Dior). However, as you can see by the tittle of this post, you will have to visit Ramonakansasmoon
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Rohma and I have teamed up to create a post to bring each others readers based on London Fashion Week. Personally, I am very interested in fashion and beauty but I’m more of a watch the catwalk than a be on the catwalk kind of girl so I decided to bring you a makeup look that I would wear to attend a show.

I am a huge fan of the bold and daring, I am also a huge fan of budget beauty so this look is going to combine both. Bold and daring doesn’t have to mean expensive and difficult, every product I have used to create this look are tried and tested by me and I can honestly say, they are all great products with tiny price tags. I am also not a professional makeup artist, far from it in fact, so I can also guarantee this look is super easy to do.

Products Used:

. Urban Decay Vice 3 – Dragon

. NYC HD Color Quattro Eyeshadow 793 Fashion Bootcamp – Light Green

. Urban Decay Naked Basics – WOS

. Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation – 010 Light Porcelain

. MUA Bronzer – Shade 2

. PS Love Eyebrow Pencil – Medium

. Urban Decay Brow Box – Brown Sugar

. NYX Eyeshadow Base

. PS Love Cream Blush

. Benefit Roller Lash

. MUA Lipstick – Nude


. Real Techniques Setting Brush

. Eco Tools Eye Enhancing Duo Smudge Brush

. Eco Tools Eye Enhancing Duo Define Brush

First things first, you’ll need to create a base. I used my fingers to apply foundation all over my face, I would usually use a beauty blender but for this look I wanted a flawless finish so using my fingers helped to warm the product so that I could smooth the product into every crease and of course, nothing has more control than your own hands.

I would usually then use a layer of translucent powder to rid my face of shine but for this look I felt that a dewy finish would look more glamourous. So I skipped this step and went straight to contouring, I used an MUA Bronzer in Shade 2 which is a warm light terra-cotta. Using the Real Techniques Setting Brush I gently buffed the product under the line of my check bones to make them look more prominent with a deep shadow. This can be difficult if like me you do not have very prominent cheek bones, don’t let this discourage you, you just need to suck in your cheeks and follow the hollow. This might take some practice.

I kept the blush simple since the eyes are so bold, you don’t want the blush overwhelming the look. I opted for a PS Love Cream Blush in a peach toned pink. I used my fingers to gently dab and blend the colour into the tops of my cheek bones.

Eyebrows. This task is the bane of my life and constantly makes me late for work because I just cant get them right. The best advice I can give is Take. Your. Time. I used a PS Love eyebrow pencil to make the sharp outline, used a spoolie to smooth the lines then used the Urban Decay Brow Box to fill in and blend until the shape is right. I set them using the wax from the Brow Box.

Now for the fun part, the eyes. This is my favorite part of any makeup look, it is my favorite place to experiment. You can tell so much about a person from just their eyes so I think it is the most important part of any look.

This look is so easy, it will literally take a matter of minutes to complete. I started with the NYX shadow base all over the lid and under the lash line, it is really important to use a base in order to make the colours last longer and it also enhances the colours because the natural pigments of your skin wont effect the pigment of the shadow. For the main surface of the eyelid, we are keeping it simple so I used Urban Decays WOS from the Naked Basics palettes all over the lid right up to the brow bone. This gives the eyelid a completely flawless look.

The main focal point of this look is the flash of green under the eyes. The aim is to get the colour super intense and super smoked out. Take the Eco Tools Define brush and use it to delicately line the under eyes with the light green shade from the NYC palette, take it slow and bring the line right into the inner and outer tear ducts. Once you have this defined line, take the smudger brush with some more product and begin to thicken the line in the centre. Keep adding a little product at a time, keep going over the line and smudge the green until it looks like mine. I then dipped into the shade Dragon from Urban Decay Vice 3 and used the smudger brush to add some dimension to the green. Dragon is a slightly brighter, more metallic colour which adds a lovely colour definition.

Finish off the eyes with a fluttery lick of Benefit Roller Lash on both the top and bottom lashes. Roller Lash is great for separating the lashes and giving a natural look but still giving amazingly long feathery lashes. I chose not to use any highlight around the eyes so keep the look feeling slightly grungy and smoky.

Last but not least, lips. With such intense bold eyes, I didn’t want the lips taking away from them. I used an MUA lipstick in a nude shade just to make the lips look creamy and complete the look while still keeping them natural.

Thats it! The whole look complete! I think this look is definitely something I would wear to watch the catwalk, it is bold and intense while still looking sophisticated and feminine. If you try out the look, tag me on instagram @amyblogs

Thank you so much for reading!

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