Exploring London On A Budget


Hey Guys!

August has finally arrived (can you believe it!). Not only are we half way through 2015 but we’ve got just over a month of summer left! Although I love Autumn, I feel like we should grab what we have of Summer and truly make the most of it.

So seeing as I live in London, I thought I’d create a list of the top 10 things I love doing in London. And don’t worry if your wallet isn’t on your side as most things are incredibly student friendly (mostly because most of them are free!) and will leave you with memories of a great day!


1. Choccywoccydoodah

If you’re a fan of chocolate and art then this is a place you must see. Not only is the place filled with wonderful chocolate pieces, but the amount of detail in each creation is just incredible. This place is the prefect mix of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory X Alice in Wonderland.
Now if you think that sounds awesome wait till I tell you about the best bit: THEY HAVE A CAFE UPSTAIRS! Here you can by delicious slices of chocolate cake and warm chocolate drinks. I recommend the Mocha Chocolate Coffee (served at a perfect temperature with a generous amount of sweet cream and a chocolate straw)

30-32 Foubert’s Pl,
London W1F 7PS


2. Carnaby Street X Oxford Street
Seeing as you’re already at Choccywoccydoodah you might as well head over to Carnaby Street where you will find my all time favourite store. Monki is by far the most creative store (in terms of their displays and interior design). Not only does the window display spark my curiosity but every time I step through the doors I feel like I’ve come through a portal and entered the wonderful world of Monki. It is truly one of the best places to spark your imagination and create your infinite amount of outfits. If you’re on a budget don’t worry, the sale rack is always filled with awesome pieces at great prices!
You can also pop over to Oxford Street as it is literally a two minute walk away. Here you can see the wonderful window displays of Selfridges & Co and John Lewis. Seeing as many brands have their flagship stores here, their displays are always incredible. Why not snap some photos and create a wardrobe inspiration board?
My favourite store on Oxford Street is the Primark flagship store located near Tottenham Court Road. Not only is this Primark over three floors, but there are also so many great pieces to choose from.

3. Southbank
When most people mention London, one of the things that come to mind is the many theaters with wonderful plays. Although you can get tickets to some shows for as little as £20.00, it can still be a little steep if your on a budget. A great way to see the true entertainment of London is through its many street performers. Not only does Southbank give you a wonderful view of both the London Eye and the River Thames, but it is also filled with some of the most awesome street performers. With everything from magicians to artists, you will never get bored when at Southbank.


4. Scandic Kitchen
Being a Swedish Pakistani, it is fair to say that coffee is just something stuck in my DNA. I can never seem to get enough of it. For those wondering, its always a strong black coffee with one sugar and no milk. A big part of the Swedish culture is to have a Fika. It’s kind of like a social coffee break where friends/family gather and have coffee together with some snacks (my all time favourite being a cinnamon bun).  My all time favourite place to have a Fika is at Scandic Kitchen (located about 5 minutes from Oxford Street). Here you’ll find me eating away the delicious Kladkakka and sipping away my coffee that is truly on fleek (can you call coffee on fleek?).
Besides being one of the best cafes ever, it is also a small super market and sells the famous essentials needed in a Scandinavian food cupboard.

61 Great Titchfield St,
London W1W 7PP


5. Brick Lane
If exploring an art museum makes you feel like your stuck in a boxy room, why not take to the streets of Shoreditch?
With lanes and lanes filled with street art you are sure to feel inspired. And if you get bored, just pop into one of the awesome vintage clothing stores and find yourselves some treasures! If hungry, there’s always FIKA (yep you guessed it, a Swedish restaurant).Why not go on a Sunday and make the most of the Brick Lane market?


6. Sight Seeing
Sightseeing is something you have to do in London. Instead of getting on the typical tour busses (that cost a fortune!) why not just pre-plan a route and walk around London.
Personally I always start of on Southbank and walk my way towards the Embankment, passing the London Eye. Once here, I cross the Westminster Bridge whilst admiring the view of the Thames. Finally having crossed the bridge I find my self standing opposite Big Ben (and what a beautiful building it is!). From here I make my way towards White Hall. Once I have walked all the way down White Hall I find my self standing in front of Trafalgar Square. Here I am left with a tricky choice, I can either make my way towards Buckingham Palace and enjoy the Park or walk towards Piccadilly Circus and explore China town (and eventually walk my way towards Oxford Street). If you’re feeling extra brave, make your way to Buckingham Palace and from there find your way towards Piccadilly Circus (ultimately getting the best of both worlds).
If you do make your way into China Town, be sure to try out some delicious bubble tea!


7. Picnic
If you find yourself with a amazingly warm summers day and have nothing to do, make yourself a sandwich and pick up some snacks from your local supermarket, call your friends and have a picnic in one of the many awesome parks.
My personal favourite is St.James park as I love the small lake with the many animals around.


8. Natural History Museum
If however you are looking for something to do on a rainy day, just head into one of the many free museums in London. To me, the natural history museum is one that I really like visiting. Not only is it free but it has an awesome Dinosaurs and Mammals gallery. And as if that is not enough, the actual building is beautifully constructed (both outside and in).

Cromwell Rd,
London SW7 5BD


9. London at Night
If you think London is beautiful in daylight, just wait till you see it a night! Simply take the same route mentioned above (point six) and you will find yourself in what looks like another city all together. Just keep in mind that the tube stops after midnight so make sure you have your transport planned.

10. V&A
As mentioned above, London is filled with many free Museums. My all time favourite is the Victoria & Albert Museum. Here you can find yourself just a breath away from amazing fashion creations by legends such as Alexander McQueen and Mary Quant. However if fashion isn’t your thing then don’t worry, there are some amazing historical pieces displayed across a variety of exhibitions. My favourite gallery is that of the Middle East. Filled with beautifully hand made carpets, textiles and actual belongings of the Royal families at the time,this gallery is sure to make you feel like you’ve embarked on adventure into the past.

Cromwell Road,
London SW7 2RL

So that concludes my list of things I love doing in London. If you ever find yourself in this beautiful city be sure to try these out. If you have anymore awesome tips of things to do please feel free to comment below.
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Until the next time!



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