Summer Novelty Bags

 output_TC9fC0Novelty Bags

I don’t quite know what it is but there is something extremely exciting about having a bag that is much more than just your basic bag. Perhaps it’s the fact that it seems to contain the power to truly make your outfit seem pow even though there was no effort put in.

Now when I hear the word ‘novelty’ I automatically assume that the piece is going to cost me massively. And when it’s put next to the word ‘bag’ my bank account starts to hurt.

However, to my surprise that is not the case in the slightest. Yes I know they’re no Moschino bags but these bags (featured above) are from no regular high street shop either.
Monki and Skinny Dip are two European brands all about quirky self expression. And the best part is the price won’t make you want to cry.

The bags above are priced from £5.00 – £30.00. Can you believe it? Not going to lie, had to do a few double checks myself as it seemed almost too good to be true.

Seeing as it’s a Friday, why not treat yourself and add to your already awesome collection?

Until the next time guys!










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