Lynnie Zulu X Monki

Lynnie Zulu X Monki = Awesome Collection
Lynnie Zulu X Monki = Awesome Collection

Monki is a brand that is a favourite at ROHMA0MALIK. Their collections consist of many wonderful pieces that would complement any wardrobe and outfit. If there were to be known for one thing, it would surely be their quirky prints.
When the news of their new collaboration spread there was a high-level of excitement here at ROHMA0MALIK.
Was it to be as highly priced as the Ida Sjöstedt collaboration? Would the silhouettes resemble that of their trademark products? And most importantly who was the collaboration with?

It was soon revealed that the collaboration was to be with Lynnie Zulu. Not only is Lynnie a London based designer (which led to further excitement) but her work is inspired through Africa, leading to her work being colourful and loud (two things that we love).

Lynnie Zulu X Monki is one awesome collection. The collection consists of wonderful prints that would make for a perfect outfit. The pieces are bold and quirky. This collection includes t-shirts, dresses, clutch bags and accessories. Unlike the previous collaboration, this one is reasonably priced (making it possible for everyone to add a piece to their wardrobe).

If you are investing in a piece but are stuck as to which one it should be, then let me tell you that the fruit clutch bags will never fail to make an awesome statement in whatever outfit you choose.

Check out their collection here:









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