Disco Lips


To say I am passionate about make-up would be a major understatement. Make-up to me is a wonderful thing. It’s like an artistic medium (such as clay, acrylic paint etc) through which an entire appearance can be changed. It’s a medium through which you can sculpt and highlight various features.

This month I’ve been loving the idea of colour blocking my lips. Experimenting with different colours leads to an infinite amount of combinations (perfect for all seasons!). For the spring summer season bright colours are perfect. The ones used in the images above are products from Make-Up Revolution and MUA. These two companies are incredibly student friendly (with some lipsticks starting as low as £1.00) and the pigmentation of these lip products is wonderful. To ensure that you’re lipstick stays on for longer, dab your lips on tissue (once lipstick has been applied) and re-apply your lip product.



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