Inspiration: Ice-Cream Cone


Food prints on clothing seems like a trend that will continue into the summer. In A/W we saw a heavy focus on junk foods such as chips, burgers and pizza. One could argue that this is due to comfort food being very popular during the dark cold months of winter. Therefore one can associate better with such prints in the A/W season.

Therefore, with summer round the corner, it is incredibly likely that the food prints will be ice-cream and dessert. Pastel colours will be used and nostalgia will be evident. The overall theme will move from comfort to fun.
So to help getting you all inspired, I have created these GIF’s.

I would love to see what you guys come up with. Why not post your food clothing on Instagram using #FoodPrint15




YouTube Fashion:




3 thoughts on “Inspiration: Ice-Cream Cone

  1. I noticed this trend too. I like the ice cream ideas; the colors remind me of the Superman flavor, which is a popular flavor in Michigan. 🙂 All those food patterns make me hungry though lol.
    Very cool! (No pun intended).

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