Style Icon: Stella Kattermann

Images Taken From Stella's Instagram
Images Taken From Stella’s Instagram

Stella Kattermann is one of the most influential bloggers in London. Since starting her blog, she has worked with Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perking and many more. Stella’s interest in fashion initially began when she was 8. Like many girls, she had Barbie dolls, but unlike most, she enjoyed dressing them up and taking photographs. Even to this day, she calls herself a perfectionist and would never wear something that does not feel right.

When I look at Stella’s Wardrobe, I see a wardrobe filled with colour and prints and a hint of nostalgia. She has an incredible eye for detail. Her outfits are filled with loud individual pieces that when put together look like one incredible statement. To me, she is one of the few of my personal style icons who turn fashion into an art by creating beautiful combinations.

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2 thoughts on “Style Icon: Stella Kattermann

  1. Yes ! Stella Kattermann is basically the first fashion blogger I ever discovered . Her style was so new to me that my passion for Fashion multiplied as my curiosity for the Fashion world grew. She is one of the reasons why I blog ! I’m glad that you find her as fascinating as I do !

    Lola xx

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