Monki on Carnaby Street, London
Even their changing rooms are super awesome!

As a student who seems to spend most of her free time looking through the many stores in London, I can quite honestly say there are some I could spend forever in.
Monki is a brand that always seems to make it way onto this blog and this time its due to its wonderful in-store experience.
Shopping is something that needs to be enjoyed and is much more than just heading to a store to purchase products. It is about the way a store makes you feel when you enter The excitement you sense when you see garments that not only would look perfect in your wardrobe but spark your imagination with never ending possibilities.

My personal favourite store in all of London is Monki (located on Carnaby Street). I can quite honestly say that whenever I am within central London, to visit this store is a must.

The amount of effort put in to the entire promotions running at the time is amazing. Their windows are perfectly layout with garments that speak to you in all sorts of languages attracting you towards the entrance. Once by the door you feel your curiosity getting stronger and before you know it, you’re in.

That step (although a very small step) transports your from London into The Monki World (the current saga being Sea of Scallops). Once in, the world greets you with magnificent colours and displays. The garments are placed perfectly within these fixtures and are so well presented.

For me, the best thing within this particular store is its incredible staircase. I can’t even count the amount of times I have shown people across London and brought them to Carnaby Street just to see the staircase in all its glory. The expressions on their face mimics that of mine; amazement.

Why not pop into the store and take a look for yourself?




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