Dina Torkia: The Debut Collection

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At exactly 20.00 GMT today, style icon Dina Torkia released her very own debut collection. There was an incredible amount of hype around the entire collection these past few months (so it would be safe to say my expectations were very high). Not only was I looking forward to seeing what her creative mind had come up with but I was also eager to see how well these pieces could look within the wardrobe.
I can honestly say that this collection has been worth the long wait.

The collection consists pieces that each makes a statement in its own right. The main colours within her collection are black and red. There are several print stories that really add to the beautiful silhouettes.
Prices of current pieces range from £28 to £90. These pieces would make a wonderful addition to the wardrobe as they can be styled with ease (yet leave a an impact on those who see it).

To see more of her collection click here:



Instagram: http://instagram.com/rohmamalik
Twitter: https://twitter.com/rohma05
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rohma0malik


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