Stockholm Fashion Week: Cheap Monday



Stockholm Fashion Week is officially back and I am so incredibly excited to see what creativity Sweden has to show. Like every year, expectations were high, but designers rose to the occasion producing wonderful collections.  These collections tell beautiful enchanting stories that make you experience their garments in a new way.

To me, one of the catwalks that I look forward to the most is that of Cheap Monday. This is because not only do they represent the Scandinavian fashion, but they do this with their own unique twist.

This year the catwalk was held outside amidst the snow with a roaring fire to light the route. Members of the public were invited to view the event and it is fair to say quite a crows appeared.

Initially the catwalk seemed to resemble the heroin chic of the 90’s but as the show continued it became clear that the story couldn’t be further from that. It seemed the story for this A/W 2015 show was that of the future. A world where sustainability has become key and natural resources are running out. The music accompanied the catwalk in a way that really helped put the public in the mood for the story about to be shown.

The catwalk began with the menswear line. The models wore a variety of pieces that put together the collection in a wonderful way. Models were covered in what seemed ashes from the fire. Their hair was slicked backed to minimalist perfection. Yet their clothes were loud and each piece made its own statement.
Colours mainly consisted of black, red and grey. There seemed to be a mix-match of materials as several items were patched (again flowing well with the story of raw materials running out).

The female models wore pieces that mainly consisted of leather, wool and velvet. Silhouettes ranged from a variety of fitted to loose. Shoes worn were bold and made their own contribution. The main prints that dominated the catwalk were vertical stripes and checks. Hairstyles (similarly to the male) were also slicked back. However these were detailed with what seemed like shoe string with CHEAP MONDAY written all over.

The catwalk ended with the appearance of Cheap Mondays most recent collaboration: The Pocket Operator (Synthesizers to make awesome beats).








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