Trend Forecasting: The New Gentleman

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Happy New Year! (I know we’re well into January but it’s never to late eh?)

I hope you have all had the most amazing start to 2015 and that this year I truly the best year yet!

So if by some chance you’re wondering why I haven’t posted in what might seem like a century, it is because I had my Dissertation and Final Major Project Research deadlines creep up out of nowhere.
I am quite fortunate to be doing a degree that I both love and makes the most of my creativity.

Seeing as I am a Fashion Management and Marketing (BA) student, my Dissertation was to conduct thorough research and create a trend book for A/W 16/17. I’m not going to lie, the research was never ending but it was incredibly interesting to see how things not even remotely related to fashion can effect what we wear.

The very first trend predicted for A/W 16/17 is the ‘New Gentleman’.

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