Style Icon: Dina Torkia (AKA. Dina Tokio)

DINA TORKIA: A well known fashion blogger and modest fashion icon.

If there is one thing I love about fashion, it has to be the ability of expressing yourself. To me fashion has always been more than a piece of clothing, its the art of expressing one self.
These days it would seem the only obvious expression within the media is women that are quite keen on exposing skin (how they don’t get frost bite in winter I do not know!).

Personally, I have always believed that you do not need to be naked to show the beauty of the figure.

To me Dina Torkia is the perfect definition of modern modest fashion. She has a thing for vintage and always seems to be ahead of trends (which is something I really admire about her). She is an independent woman who knows her mind. Not only is she an incredible style icon, but she also has her own brand (known as Lazy Doll) where she will soon launch her very own collection.

Dina, is one of my role models whom I look up to as I admire her motivation and what she has managed to achieve. To go from a blogger to running a successful business is quite a success (especially with the large amount of effort that goes in).

Her style mainly consists of denim and printed tops. Usually the pieces would not go together, but with an eye for style like hers, anything goes (and it goes damn well).

I had the chance of meeting her once (yes that is me in the middle bottom row) and can truly say it was a tick of the bucket list. She is even more welcoming in person. I do however wish I had been less star struck. Might have gotten a conversation besides the “OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD”. But who knows, might bump into her in the near future (I HOPE!)

For More Dina Torkia:

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