Barbie walking the runway in Milan.
Barbie walking the runway in Milan.

Besides Stockholm Fashion Week, the one Fashion Week to look out for is that of Milan. Not only is it showcasing the beautiful talent of Italy, but it is also guaranteed to create a spark through its incredible creativity.

The case may be that with the beautiful bold statements made, not every ones taste may be met and controversy may be raised but what is fashion if not a form of art through which people express themselves?

Out of all the major designer houses showcasing in Milan, my most favourite one by far is that of Moschino. Their collections always leave me speechless and my wardrobe craving the magnificent pieces created by the geniuses behind these wonderful collections.

For their SS15 Moschino made the impossible come true. Barbie, the one and true fashion icon that has remained a strong influence within style and the ‘correct body image’, walked the runway of Italy. Not only was this hugely controversial (as the media and fashion industry do face criticisms for idolising the ‘perfect body’ which Barbie is a great icon of) but it also made it possible for everyone to become a Barbie regardless of their size.

I for one am completely in love with some of the pieces created by the mastermind Jeremy Scott and can not wait to see how the High Street brands will interpret these designs.





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