Autumn Must Have: Coat & Shoes ft. Monki

Autumn Must Haves: Jacket & Shoes (ft. Monki)
There is no questioning the fact that when Autumn arrives, so does the cold. But that only provides the perfect excuse of layering and finding the perfect coat for this beautiful season.
Although typically an autumn coat should be a deep colour, I always find pastel colours looking great too! Not only does it make the outfit different but it also stops it being part of the “norm”. And what could possibly be better than you setting the trend rather than be following it?
Another must have for the Autumn season is boots. I have always loved boots and closed shoes more than I have loved any other shoe. Not only do they keep your feet warm but they also make quite the impression. However, it seems that boots are often accompanied by heels (which may be a struggle to walk in depending on the weather), therefore slip on shoes make for the perfect replacement.
I have always found Monki to be a Swedish store  does not follow the rules of typical Scandinavian fashion, instead creates beautiful pieces that have a wonderful character of their own. Therefore, I believe the powder pink coat and the black pair of shoes to be the perfect shoes and coats for this coming Autumn.
To visit Monki click the link:

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