Style Icon: Fashion With Faith l Imane Asry

Imen AsryIf you have not noticed by now I love Swedish Fashion and to me there is no better style icon than Imane Asry (aka Fashion With Faith) who clearly demonstrates what minimalist perfection is.

The 20 year old is from the Scandinavian town Stockholm and describes herself as a fashion and vintage enthusiast.

Not only is Imane perfect at creating outfits that are strikingly beautiful, but she also has her own YouTube channel ( ) where  you can find everything from Lookbooks to Hauls and other awesome stuff.

If her YouTube channel is not enough to cure your lust for modest and modern fashion inspiration, her instagram page ( )is more than enough to get you to see how simplicity truly has its own beauty that most of us tend to forget these days.

I admit that wearing pieces with bright colours and loud prints is something that will always come across as a bold statement (you all know how much I love my crazy prints and loud colours), however I also believe that true fashion is making the simple speak louder than strong and brave prints.

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