Autumn Must Have: Jumpers ft. H&M

Autumn Must Haves: Jumpers ft. H&M

If I had to pick out one season as my favorite, I would pick Autumn. Not only is there something romantic in the idea of the dark evenings but it also means spending the day in the comfort of a warm and fabulous jumper. The season may bring cold but it also displays the beautiful changes within nature.

Another thing I love about Autumn is the colours it brings into my wardrobe. Although I do love the bright florescent colours of my summer wardrobe, there is something quite enchanting about the dark jewel colours Autumn brings.

An obvious must have for the Autumn wardrobe is of-course a jumper!
My favorite place to look for fashion forward jumpers at a student friendly cost is H&M. Not only do their jumpers compete with that of high end high street stores (such as TopShop and River Island) but they also cost much less. I have often found the quality to have been amazing and am in no way ashamed to say that I have H&M jumpers that were bought well over three years ago that still exist in my Autumn Wardrobe today!

From their newest collection, I have picked the six jumpers I will ensure get into my wardrobe.

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9 thoughts on “Autumn Must Have: Jumpers ft. H&M

  1. thanks for visiting my blog! ^^ I have to say Autumn is also my favourite season but my staple item are more cardigans then jumpers haha to each their own right!

  2. I love autumn sooo much and I’m obsessed with jumpers too :)I’m so excited that it’s coming up soon where I live!

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