Cheap Monday A/W 14


Cheap Monday is a brand that has really grown on me within the last couple of years. Although it wasn’t
available in England till only recently, it has established it self as a well known Swedish fashion brand.
The quality of their products justify their price.
Each garment makes its own unique statement and makes you feel great once you wear it.

With that in mind, I was very excited to see what they would offer this year at their show in Stockholm.
It’s safe to say my breath was taken away.

The main colour theme for their A/W 14 Black and White. The highlighting colours within this collection are Yellow,
Mustard Brown, Dark Blue and Grey.
Although most pieces look causal, they have been tailored in a clean cut way. This has left the Scandinavian
touch visible throughout the collection.

From fur jackets to midi dresses, this is one collection I can’t wait to hit the stores for.

For all those wondering where they can get their hands on these beautiful pieces, the answer is Cheap Monday
on Carnaby Street in Central London.
They are also available online.

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