Sketchbook: H&M


Recently I was told that my third semester was to be based on an internship.
Naturally I’m very excited by this and can’t wait to see where it takes me. It does also mean that I need to create a portfolio showing my skills. Being a Fashion Management & Marketing student usually means that all project work is based on Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. It also means that I needed to create a sketch book which was to show my other skills.
I decided to turn the sketchbook into a Fashion Report on H&M as my love for that brand seems to increase daily.
The book starts with a time line showing the history of the company. It continues on by showing a few of the collaborations that H&M have done with designer houses. This is then followed by all the small departments that H&M has (such as Womenswear and Home). The report/sketchbook also looks at H&M’s independent stores (such as Monki and Cheap Monday).
The next bit is all about the Visual Merchandising within the flagship stores in England and that of its competitors on Oxford Street.
Leading on from this is a small capsule collection that I thought would fit in perfectly within its DIVIDED section.


For More Images:

For More Fashion:


8 thoughts on “Sketchbook: H&M

  1. Hey it`s My from Lifestylepastry. This blog entry reminds me of my exchange semester in London back in 2012/13. I really miss those times. Thank you for sharing and keep up that work!

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