Oxford Street & Visual Merchandising: Selfridges & Co.


Since becoming a Fashion Management & Marketing student, I have begun to really appreciate the displays found within stores.
To even think about the effort that is put in into each window seems to be tiring enough.

If you know London, you know Oxford Street is the fashion destination. And if you are lucky enough to know Oxford Street you will know that the best displays are that of Selfridges.

Students are often sent to look at the displays as they are always inspirational. The detail and effort put into each piece results in breath taking displays.
People often stop and just admire the displays.

This Christmas, Selfridges have managed to pull it off again. Each display looks breath taking. Once you actually go up to the window, all the small details really make the overall window display amazing.

From drunken Santa’s to Miu Miu ski slopes, Selfridges have achieved another display worth seeing.


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7 thoughts on “Oxford Street & Visual Merchandising: Selfridges & Co.

  1. Okay I’m soooooo going to check these out tomorrow! I work in Selfridges and never see the displays! I’m always rushing to and from work but there’s no excuse! Thanks for this, Great blog! 😀

  2. hey there – stopping by to to say hello. I agree – LOVE fashion displays/merchandising when done right. Great photos!

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