Day/Night OOTD: Student Budget Edition

Day/Night OOTD Student Budget Edition

As I am a student, I know how hard it is to find wonderful pieces that do not hurt the purse. Especially when the case includes being a fashion student at a well-known university. The pressure of creating an outfit that will make you stand out from the herd of student can be tough (specially when student loans don’t cover much).

All you need to remember is that fashion does not actually cost if you search wisely.

So to help you make the most of a budget is a list of tips.

The first tip is not to buy on impulse (as hard as that may be!). When you see a piece think about how you would wear it and if it will go together with more than one outfit.

If the answer is yes then purchase it. Nothing better than having something that you can wear with more than one outfit.

Tip two is to not even think about walking into stores you can’t afford. What exactly will it gain besides the sadness of not being able to buy what you fall in love with? Good student friendly (and fashionable) stores include H&M, River Island and Primark.

Tip three is to go straight to the sale section. Yes, the sale section usually includes items that have been left after a season. However, you can still buy them and add a personal fashion DIY touch (e.g. buy a t-shirt and paint your own statement slogan).

The image (seen above) shows that you can buy an outfit at an affordable price (regardless of it being a day or night outfit).

The total cost for the day outfit is £53.97, which in TopShop would just about get you a decent jumper.
The total for the night outfit is £67.98, which is the equivalent to a dress in Lipsy.

When it comes down to fashion and the cost of it, it is really all down to you.



13 thoughts on “Day/Night OOTD: Student Budget Edition

  1. I’m on my mobile so can’t see where the spotted dress is from, but it’s lovely! There is a very similar top in H&M which looks really cute, especially with skater skirts, I’ve seen a couple of people wearing it in different ways! Great blog x

  2. I like the H&M dress!
    I guess it might not be around anymore when they finally open their first store in Australia next year… But then again they might send all the old fashions over to us! 😉 haha

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