LFW: Yeashin


On Friday 13th September, London Fashion Week officially began and as a Fashion Management & Marketing student it was always a dream of mine to one day attend a catwalk.
That dream came true and it could not have been for a better Fashion Show.
I love fashion. My enthusiasm for it only seems to increase and to me the best form of fashion is pieces that resemble art.

Kim Yeashin achieved this to perfection.
All her pieces seemed like they had been taken out of ancient fairy tales and been brought to the runway.
Each piece filled the catwalk with sugar sweet colours. The colours ranged from Powder pink, baby blue and buttermilk yellow.
The pieces were decorated with bows, pleats and chiffon, resembling the era of Mary Antoinette.

The actual location only made my love for the collection grow. With stained glass windows, filling the room and a ceiling decorated with gold and red paintings the location complimented the Fashion Show amazingly.

Kim Yeashin is definitely a designer to look out for as for her the future really is bright!


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