A normal morning in the life of me!

Good Morning Peeps!
The morning is started with the alarm ringin at 6.30am often resulting in a mini heart attack in bed.
Don’t be alarmed there is no getting out of bed till 8.30am… so calm down people!

For some reason I prefer doing my makeup before getting dressed (might be in fear of dropping something on my clothes… I mean come on I am the clumsiest person ever…like ever).
So whats in my everyday makeup bag? Well MUA products are a must as they’re brilliant quality at a very friendly student price. I mean where else can you get face powder and concealer for £1?!?!
Eventhough I study Fashion related course I still prefer the makeup to look natural as loud is just something that’s better for the evening. I don’t exactly want my smoke eye to look like I was punched in the eye haha!

Choosing the outfit can take sometime. I mean I am only a woman!
With the weather being so moody in the UK I find it best to leave the decision till the morning as it suits the temprature better.
Hence the black jumper (yep still waiting for spring to arrive!)
Then the last thing left is a super quick breakfast and off to the lectures I go!!!

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