Who?! What?! Where?!

Well hello there people!

My name is Rohma Malik (just incase the tittle of the blogg didnt give it away), and I am a Fashion Management and Marketing student.
Fashion to me is more than just a piece of clothing. It is an actual form of art through which people can express who they are and how they feel. Fashion has the power to spark feelings. Through it you are able to raise awareness of the issues we face, whilst creating pieces too delicate to touch.

So what can I expect to see on the blogg?Fashion DIY’s, Outfits, Moodboards, Hauls, Fashion Photography, basically all things fashion.

Where are you exactly?
Well I currently study in the UK. To be precise im very close to London. This means I am able to go to many fashion related events which in return I can post on here for you all to read.

So I think that just about concludes my first blogg post/introduction.

Who knows what the future holds!


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